Elon Musk Tweets The Number 35,000 And Things just take an urgent Turn

Entrepreneur Elon Musk likes setting Twitter unstoppable. Recently, he ruined the Flat Earth Society with an individual concern, and now Elon tweeted “35,000” without having any context, igniting another hilarious conversation as to what the mystical number could imply.

their follower Dallas Michael McLennan shared his opinion about the (apparently) arbitrary quantity, asking “Is that exactly how many times I’ve tweeted for you without getting a follow back?” Others hopped in to the conversation therefore escalated ridiclulously rapidly.

“His tweet online game is on lock,” McLennan informed us. “we never know if he’s going to tweet some thing seriously interested in AI, make a joke or [say] something that I don’t even comprehend to start with (like lots).”

Dallas follows Elon because the guy believes that thoughts like their come around seldom. “He works so very hard to better our future and I just discover him actually interesting. Actually, I Happened To Be only seeing an Albert Einstein documentary, I Adore researching innovators which also come in and change our society.”

Scroll right down to witness the funny trade and let us know your thoughts in regards to the mystical “35,000” in the reviews!

Do you’ve got a theory that could give an explanation for “35,000”, write it straight down into the reviews below!

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